Chap 2 Pg 36

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  1. David G
    David G


  2. Mike M

    Look Out! She packin’ heat!

  3. Zach LeBar

    Ok, so I haven’t commented on one of these strips in a while, but I gotta say, this is one of my favorites by far. Nice timing, how it builds up to Cleo at the end. Plus I really dig the way you’re visually saying this is someone else recounting a story. Now…I wonder who that might be…hmmm. :)

  4. Keath

    I like how you made this page a self contained story in itself. One of your best, Mike!

  5. JT

    Love that last panel–that pose is fantastic :-)

  6. Barn0wl

    Definitely my kind of gal! LOL! Hopefully the drunk won’t be too upset … then again, he should be glad he didn’t just end up with a hole zapped through his head.

    I also liked the flow of this and the use of the “voice-over” speech bubbles. Interesting looking place … “look at all the people and … things.”

    “The things are also people, Arthur.”

    (I expect I didn’t get that quote quite exactly right …)

  7. Hoomi

    And as all of us who have been involved in military aviation remember – FOD kills. You should always be on the lookout for FOD, so that no one gets hurt! :)

  8. JD

    An instant Classic.

  9. Jonny

    This is the best page yet! Love it! =D

  10. crowbar

    That smirk on Cleopatra’s face is priceless.

  11. thecheckeredman

    Cleo is such a scamp! You gotta love her! The “…and one sophomore.” line is perfect, Mike!

  12. James Rye
    James Rye

    @Last panel


    But what does this have to do with vents aka the page before? XDDD

  13. Ken O

    Fantastic. Seriously one of the best strips.

  14. Barn0wl

    @James Rye; I expect this is what Cleo is hearing after having crawled through the aforementioned vent.

  15. mike

    You guys are the best. Thanks so much everyone!

  16. icecreamchan

    Haha…she wasn’t supposed to be there..^^

  17. The Cap
    The Cap

    That last panel would make a good wallpaper!

  18. Frank M Hansen

    Awesome. Love how you handled the crowd scene in the 1st panel. Just the right amount of detail. Your work is so spot on good in every way. Brilliant.

  19. Stuart Brown

    Hi, Stu from the Annyseed webcomic here. Just like to say you’re doing a fantastic job, and I’m really enjoying Cleo in Space. Keep up the good work!

  20. Mercy

    We’ve seen in previous strips that Cleo writes with her right hand, but this impressive shot is made with her left.

  21. Rags

    “I know something you don’t.”
    “What is that?”
    “I’m not left handed either.”

  22. mike

    thanks everyone!

    @the cap- hmm… it would, but i think it’d be too small. i do need to make some wallpapers though.

    @mercy- i think i’ve mentioned it before but Cleo is ambidextrous- at least when it comes to firearms. most of Yasiro Academy’s students are trained this way [FUN FACT!]. she still primarily writes with her right though.

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