Well, MegaCon was a blast as usual. There’s just something so fun about your local show. Seeing familiar faces; hanging out with good friends; not having to lug all your books onto a plane. :P

So many of you came up to tell me how much your enjoying Cleopatra in Space too and, I’m not sure how sincere I came across because of waiting on lunch or lack of sleep or busy scribbling aways at sketches, but it REALLY means a lot to me when I hear that. Not just at MegaCon but at all the conventions I’ve been to recently. Seriously, it’s so awesome to know you’re reading the comic and enjoying it. Don’t ever think you’re bothering me to tell me that.

And a big hello to any new readers that may be here because of stopping by and/or picking up the book. I hope you stick around. Lots of fun stuff coming up. But first off, these cats have some very important matters to discuss…

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