Chap 2 Pg 37

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  1. David G
    David G

    Well, your graces, keeping our young miss Cleopatra under control at all times is something akin to…(defeated sigh)…herding cats.

  2. Hoomi

    I’m just wondering how a cat council manages to get anything done. Our human councils aren’t exactly productive, and they’re not nearly as prone to nap attacks as cats are.

    • mike

      there’s really only about three hours of any given day to make decisions.

  3. Thrudd

    Did you notice that they are more interested in her being underage than in the big guy pulling out a gun and threatening to shoot everyone?
    Bureau-cat-cy at its finest. Bureaucats knows no bounds, be it social or species. Just another Universal truth eh?

    • mike

      yup. pretty much!

  4. SpandexDoom

    Sooooo….the council is made up of all cats. Well, I guess that in that future, the cats ahve just grouped together and formalized what’s been going on all along. Cats rule their households NOW, so why not the whole shebang.

    @Thrudd->Just as long as it doesn’t turn into a cat-tastrophe, its all good, right?

    • mike


  5. Frank M Hansen

    Really like the way you laid the page out vertically. I really like the different cats sitting on the council.

    • mike

      thanks, frank!

  6. butterflied412

    Awesome cat council!

    • mike


  7. Lazy J
    Lazy J

    oh dear this is really turning into a cat-astrophie

  8. Lazy J
    Lazy J

    one might go so far has to say its cat-aclismic

    • mike

      double oy.

  9. Mercy

    Surely the answer is obvious: “Shooting a gun out of a drunk’s hand”

    • mike

      good guess!

  10. The Cap
    The Cap

    Ok, why does this always happen? This should be called the ‘spiderman effect’ – it doesn’t matter what kinda awesome thing you just did (what saved everyone’s lives and defeated all manner of evil what-have-you), it’s apparently more important that you were ‘out too late’, or ‘missed your date’, or ‘were in an establishment that is illegal for you to enter at the age of minority’.

    • mike

      such is the bane of every teenager’s story.

  11. Ken O

    Good stuff sir.
    It was nice seeing you at the con. Thank you again for the sketches.

    • mike

      hey- good meeting you and your wife, ken!

  12. Jessica Bixby
    Jessica Bixby

    It’s always fun to see great artists at work. I was told many time at the con I looked like a Zombie cause I was so tired.

    I saw you set up at Miami Comic Con and then just tripped over you online. So was even more happy to see ya at Megacon!

    Take care and yes you did seem sincere and surprised. :D It’s what makes artist like you so great.

    • mike

      haha! thanks, jessica. :)

  13. Rags

    “Well, it looks to me like she’s prarticing her markmanship in an authentic environment. I’d give her an A-.”

    • mike

      nice answer!

  14. Angela

    A Council of Cats! + 10

  15. Reagan

    Seriously, has anyone noticed the pet mouse next to the second-right council cat?

    • mike

      haha. i’m glad someone noticed that… :)

  16. Rakshun

    Kenshu for prezident! ;D

    • mike

      or pharaoh?

  17. Alicia

    Was it midnight at the Oasis? Sorry… ^_-

    • mike

      ouch! :)

  18. Zacula

    Is it wrong that I imagine the middle cat to be speaking in Patrick Stewart’s voice?

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