Chap 2 Pg 38

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  1. Mike M

    “By the authority vested in me by this council, you are hereby ordered to turn in your scratching post. Meeting adjourned.”

    • mike

      that’s harsh! even for this council. ;)

  2. BradyDale

    If I had to have someone watching me all the time, I’d want it to be one of my cats.

    • mike

      mine do that already. :)

  3. David G
    David G

    Dude, that’s harsh! And anyway I expect Cleo herself will come to the rescue. Cue the well timed break in. With apppropriate alarms! Hee!

    • mike

      hopefully she’s stealthier than that!

  4. thecheckeredman

    Poor Kenshu… :o(

    • mike

      don’t worry. he’s gone through this a lot.

  5. Hoomi

    Oh, come on. As a Dad, I can tell you from experience that it’s not easy being responsible for ANY teenager! It’s only by the grace of God and the strength of parental love that any of us manages to survive to adulthood.

    Granted, Cleo is being a bit more challenging than most. We had our moments with our two (now almost 27 and 29), but at least we never had to answer for them being in a bar, with a weapon, while underaged. Or, for that matter, now that they’re old enough to be in bars.

    I’d say Khensu is in the doghouse, which is much worse for a cat than it is for us. :)

    • mike

      hah! i’d definitely say Khensu has more of his work cut out for him than most of us. ;)

  6. Barn0wl

    Oh my … Khensu does NOT look happy at all. It’s funny though that the Council completely overlooks the fact that Cleo acted bravely and my have prevented a great deal of bloodshed. “Oh, THAT doesn’t matter! She wasn’t supposed to be IN a bar!” I’ve seen a bumper sticker a number of times in my area; “well-behaved women rarely make history.”

    • mike

      i know! that’s councils for you. we’ll learn there’s more to it than this though.

  7. Sarah

    Kittens! In spacesuits! Eee!

    • mike

      haha! i taped into that Sarah Mensinga kryptonite. ;)

  8. crowbar

    A slightly lower tolerance on…weapons in bars? Drinking? Romans? Sneaking into pubs? Smiting upstart peasants?

    • mike

      i’m gonna go with “Romans.” :)

  9. Rags

    Keeping track of Cleo is somewhat akin to herding cats.
    You’d think a cat would be better at that!

    • mike

      you’d think!

  10. Broseph

    Stupid bureaucats[sic].

    • mike

      don’t worry. they’re not all bad…

  11. Frank M Hansen

    Love the build up and then the last panel. You captured Kenshu’s expression perfectly.

    • mike

      thanks, frank!

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