Chap 2 Pg 39

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  1. James Rye
    James Rye

    Poor Khensu.
    He´s all *yes, i know! I totally know for sure!* and then he realizes where she´s supposed to be and that it doesn´t help his case at all. XD
    But it would be worse if they knew that Cleo is watching the cat trial right now.^g^

    Also i´m pretty interested to hear those concerns and so is Cleo, i bet´cha. :P


    F-I-R-S-T! YAY!!!:D

    • mike

      i don’t think she’s gonna like what they have to say…

  2. Keath

    Will you be offering offical Cleopatra In Space Cat Council Playsets (TM) in your store? Because I really want to sit my cats around a table in chairs like that!

    • mike

      that’s a brilliant idea.

  3. Mike M

    I like panel 7! “Umm . . . YOU tell him . . . )

    • mike

      haha. yeah. you can tell who the talker is on this council.

  4. Barn0wl

    Good job Mike! Cleo’s ventillation duct is FILTHY! (Maybe she hasn’t realized that yet, being absorbed in what’s going on …) (I believe I had commented before on how dirty ventillation ducts really are.)

    • mike

      actually- it was your comment that made me think of that. :)

      • Barn0wl

        Ah, well now that is very gratifying to the narcissist in me! :)

  5. Barn0wl

    And … after inumerable reminders from you Mike, I have purchased my download of “Cleopatra in Spaaaace!”. I love it! But then, I’ve already been loving the comic. :)

    • mike

      thanks, john!

      • Barn0wl

        You’re very welcome! Worth every 199 cents … (to paraphrase the old saying).

  6. Mikey

    Poor Khensu.

    • mike

      yup. :(

  7. Zwiep

    Just found this, it’s awesome! Of course, anything with cats is awesome. And anything drawn by a guy named ‘mike’ is awesome =]

    • mike

      it’s a good name. :)

  8. Falco64

    The probably build air ducts extra strong in space, so I’ll allow this one…

    • Barn0wl

      And Cleo looks to be pretty pettit … so one that wouldn’t hold, say Arnold Schwarzenagger, would easily hold Cleo.

      • mike

        precisely. i appreciate the permission, falco.

  9. Hoomi

    “Yes, we have concerns. You put her on Detention?!? You fool! You were supposed to punish her by putting her on CAN OPENER duty! Have you forgotten that we STILL DON’T HAVE THUMBS?!?”

    • mike

      they really don’t have their priorities straight. ;)

  10. Frank M Hansen

    What can I say. Your work rocks!

    • mike

      frank- YOUR work rocks.

  11. James

    I like the shafts of light filtering through the vent. Along with everything else about this page.

    • mike

      thanks, james!

  12. Rags

    Would be pretty ironic if Cleo fell out of the shaft just as Khenshu said “Yes, I know where she is…”

    • mike

      aw! that would have been great…

  13. Darrell

    Great layout. More ideas to steal, er, borrow.

    • mike

      if it’s just borrowing, that’s okay. ;)

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