Chap 2 Pg 40

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  1. Mike M

    What?!? Heh . . . If she goes back, she could keep that date with Marc Antony. Tho’ that didn’t work out too well in the end . . .

  2. James Rye
    James Rye

    Time travel? Didn´t thought of that on. So are there other teenager versions of famous people from earth running around the city like Cleo? Napoleon? Julius? Justin Bieber? Oh wait he´s not the right age yet. :P

  3. Lee Cherolis

    Awesome! This page is full of awesome. Love Cleo’s ‘Pff’ in panel 4. I laughed out loud. LOVE the wide shot of the council and great plot reveal at the end.

    Thumbs up!

  4. thecheckeredman

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?! Dun-dun-dunnnn… Great cliffhanger Mike!

  5. Mikey

    Whaaaaaat!?!?! Nice Cliffhanger, Mike

  6. A Zwiep
    A Zwiep

    Yes, perfect description of a teen =]

  7. lily

    Ohhhhhhh. Didn’t know about that time thing. That’s a fun hook, did I miss it or is it just coming in late?

  8. Broseph

    Why is it only NOW that I notice Khensu’s mouth is on the side of his face?

  9. TheCap

    One other option is to teach her to sing and play guitar (and make clothes out of any available material), then send her to be a space-governess in Space-Austria.

  10. Comichero

    oh no not cleo shes too independant and kick ass to send her back to her own time

  11. HardWearJunkie

    So is this where we find out WHY they kidnap famous people from Earth’s past?

  12. bon


    I wanna see Elvis now.

  13. Hoomi

    If they send her back, does she get to keep the ray gun? That’ll definitely throw some twists into the history of the Roman Empire!

  14. Rags

    TheCap: So I’m not the only one who hears that song…

  15. Barn0wl

    @JamesRye & @lily;

    While it doesn’t specifically say that an “Apple iTime” travel-machine was used, the “About” page does say she was “zapped away” from her own time:

  16. Barn0wl

    Now I’m really anxious for the next installment! I can NOT wait to see Khensu’s face after hearing Cleo’s vioce yelling “WHAT?” from the ventillation duct … =-O

  17. Rags

    So it’s really Cleopatra in tiiiime! (After all she hasn’t been in spaaace for, um, 22 pages now…)

    Kind of makes me wonder though. With stuff like pyramid buildings, Cleo’s sphinx flyer and Khenshu swearing by Ra, I got the impression that this is some kind of Egyptian themed future and that Cleo is just part of the theme. Makes a bit less sense with her being a ‘timigrant’, particularly if there are others.

  18. Frank M Hansen

    Great cliffhanger ending. This comic is going to be so cool in print.

  19. mike

    it’ll all make sense… in time. :P

  20. Lee Cherolis

    Elvis in Spaaace!

    I like the sound of that.

  21. Barn0wl

    Yeah … but then she’d just end up fleeing over the Space Alps to get away from the Space Nazis with the Spaced-out Von-can’t-keep-their-traps-shut family.

  22. Barn0wl

    Nooooo … you’re the only one. LOL

  23. TheCap

    I’m just waiting for Khensu to pipe up – “How do you hold a moooonbeam in yoooour haaaaaand?”

  24. Page-Mistress

    She goes back, she might get there in time to pop out of a carpet for Ceasar.

  25. Page-Mistress

    Forget Julius, let’s get a teen Teddy Roosevelt.

  26. Page-Mistress

    But there’d be a Space Julie Andrews there!

  27. Rags

    I’d like to say one thing on her behalf…

  28. TheCap

    Cleo makes me… laugh!

  29. mike

    perhaps the future is where she learned that trick. ;)

  30. mike

    i guess you’ll just have to wait and see! although i will give up that the time travel that brought Cleo to the future isn’t the type you might expect…

  31. mike

    thanks, Lee! i was hoping that panel 4 would get a chuckle or two. :)

  32. mike

    this is the first time it’s been mentioned in the actual storyline, but i haven’t been secretive about it. it’s even in the “about” page. :)

  33. mike

    i really need to reassess how it is i draw mouths…

  34. mike

    who said anything about kidnapping?

  35. mike

    thanks, frank! i sure hope so.

  36. mike

    not to mention our own timeline!

  37. mike

    hey, the King never really did die so you never know. ;)

  38. mike

    oh dear.

  39. mike

    thanks, denver!

  40. mike

    thanks, mikey!

  41. mike

    a teen may disagree. ;)

  42. mike

    there’ll be some fighting and screaming going on for sure.

  43. mike

    there’s definitely going to be some confusion!

  44. Rags

    You mean in tiiime!

  45. Zwiep

    For the record, I just made 19. I ran it by my gramas bridge club, and they all agreed.

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