Chap 2 Pg 41

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  1. Mike M

    For some reason I’m hearing a sort of Stephen Fry/Jeeves voice coming out of that last member of the council. Must be his expression . . .

    • mike

      no- i hear it too!

  2. thecheckeredman

    All I can say is I LOVE THIS COMIC!

    • mike

      it’s a good thing to say. :)

  3. Reavyn

    Is it just me or does it seem like they are trying to goad her into showing herself now that they know she is there?

    • mike

      haha. that would be a fun twist.

  4. lily

    Hard to forget that Hykosis thing, with the stuff happening that was hard to forget and all.

    • mike

      this is a different incident. Cleo’s been to Hykosis before and things did not end well there. but alas, that’s a story for another day.

  5. Lee Cherolis

    Mike is right. That council cat is now Stephen Fry cat.

    • mike

      okay. we’ll name that one “S. J. Fry.”

  6. Rags

    Hykosis again. Or rather previously. (Still in flaaashback, right?)

    • mike

      yup! different incident.

  7. Thrudd

    … we can’t leave the fate of the galaxy to someone we can’t control ….

    That does sound rather sinister in a secret Cabal sort of way. If that cat had said “someone we can’t trust” then that would have been something completely different in meaning.

    I am liking these cats less and less …. but then again, cats are inherently sociopaths …. [dons flame retardant suit]

    • mike

      haha. i would be worried if you DID side with them. as of this moment they are Cleo’s worst enemy. they’re not ALL bad though. actually most of them aren’t. just some misguided agendas.

  8. Frank M Hansen

    Man, that girl has got a long list of bad behavior. She can’t be that bad.

    • mike

      she’s not. some cats just see all the flaws.

  9. Zwiep

    So far we have Khensu and S. Fry; what are the other cats named? Billy Jones, V. Fluffy, and Mahershalalhashbaz?

    • mike

      i really like “Mahershalalhashbaz.” from now on that’s the tall gray one’s name.

      • mike

        oh- i just realized that’s an actual name. impressive!

      • Zwiep

        I am honored =]

    • Barn0wl

      One should be named Pyewacket

  10. Mercy

    “Liner approach”? D’you mean linear?

    • mike

      oops. yup. missed an “a.”

  11. HardWearJunkie

    Surely they have other “stolen” famous people that are even more rambunctious than Cleopatra. Maybe they “accidentally” stolen Charlie Sheen? He could be “winning” their problems right now.

    • Barn0wl

      Unfortunately, they seem to have sent him back (not that I can blame them).

  12. MYichao

    And…all caught up! Clicked the archive and read it all in one sitting. <3 Addicted, bookmarked, and waiting for the next page. Great stuff! :D

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