Chap 2 Pg 42

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  1. Mike M

    Ha! That sleeping cat is you in a meeting, isn’t it!?! Then mouse is a nice touch. by the way . . . :-)

    • mike

      i mean. they are cats after all. gotta get their rest in. (isn’t that what meetings are for?)

  2. Keath

    Oh good, we’re finally getting to the part where you introduce the Intergalactic Itteh Bitteh Ninja Kitty Committee!!1! :D

    (I know this because I pirated some leaked pages – FYI: you have a typo coming up three Mondays from now)

    • mike


  3. Lee Cherolis

    Nice! Khensu sticking up for Cleo. I wonder if hearing how much thin ice she’s on will affect how Cleo considers the ramifications of her actions. Probably not much. :)

    • HardWearJunkie

      Seeing that this is a flashback in her dreams, then “yes” she doesn’t consider how much trouble she’s in. “I’m having a gunfight! It’s AWESOME!” Her words, not mine.

      • mike

        you can’t change who you are. :)

  4. Ethan Thibault
    Ethan Thibault

    My those cats are threatening! XD I just got a print of your work in the mail and I love it! It has a very special spot in my room now :) I want to know what happens next keep up the fantastic work!!!

    • mike

      good! glad it got there safely. thanks for supporting this comic, ethan!

  5. Reavyn

    Is this where they ask her to come down now?

    • mike

      that would be a trip.

  6. Frank M Hansen

    A lot of interesting stuff going on. I love your ability to leave the reader wanting more on every post. The art is also amazing of course.

    • mike

      thanks, frank! gotta make sure readers keep coming back. :)

  7. Zwiep

    That girl had better get back to detention, like, NOW. Unless she wants Khensu to beat her back.

    • mike

      no kidding!

      • Rags

        But lots of kitting! ;-)

  8. smbhax

    I like sleeping cat. :)

    (Small typo in the first panel: “responisbility.”)

    • mike

      ah cool. thanks, smbhax!

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