Chap 2 Pg 43

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  1. Mike M

    Hey! It’s “Miracle Grow” plant food!!

    • mike

      those Xerx are so evil.

  2. Keath

    I think it’s an Emergency Mother’s Day Gift Generation Device for forgetful dads!

    • mike

      haha! forget something yesterday? ;)

  3. Lee Cherolis

    Awesome! Very addictive storytelling going on here.

    • mike

      gotta keep you coming back. ;)

  4. Comixbookgurl

    Sweeeeeet! What shall happen next?! I must know!

    • mike

      tune in next week! same cat time. same cat website!

  5. HardWearJunkie

    Now this guy has a Problem.

    • mike

      haha. that’s an understatement. crooks are always in over their heads.

  6. Scott King

    Does this mean we are done with the flashback and getting back to the present?

    • mike

      not just yet…

  7. Splox5

    Wait… Did he just take a drink through his bandages?

    • mike


      • Rags

        Mmmm, gauze water…

        • mike

          trust me. you don’t want to see what’s underneath. ;)

  8. Zwiep

    Ooh scary! And of course Cleopatra will have to go get it, right? Whatever it is.

    • mike

      i think that goes without saying. :)

    • Barn0wl

      As soon as she recovers consciousness and comes back from the flash-back.

  9. James Rye
    James Rye

    WOOOOOOO! It´s awesome greenskin Cowboy mumie!!! FUCK YEAH! :D
    All that dude needs now is a pair of shades and he would be perfect, that and his cowboy hat. 8)

    Is a freelancer or is he working for the Xerx?

    • mike

      i wouldn’t even call him a freelancer. lets just say he calls his own shots.

      • Rags

        And he calls them all “Bud”.


  10. elly

    For some reason the first thought I had in the first panel was that he’s stepping on potato chips. Don’t all crunching noises mean potato chips, especially out on some barren planet?

    • Falco64

      A planet made out of the millions and millions of tons of mysteriously vanished dropped potato chips?

      • mike

        shoot. as was going to reveal that particular secret about Hykosis is chap 3. you two spoiled it.

  11. Barn0wl

    Okay … so … the Xerx have devised a bio-weapon which can take a barren, lifeless piece of crap planetoid and turn it into a beautiful, green, productive “garden of Eden”??? Those BASTARDS! How DARE they??? We MUST stop them before they make EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL! Oh what EVIL creatures are these Xerxes??? 0_o

    I’ll bet if they’d developed a new strain of catnip, it would’ve been just fine …


    • HardWearJunkie

      That’s what they developed. Miracle Grow that will only develop a whole world of catnip. That is how the Xerxes will conquer the universe. The Cat Council will bow to their superiority. Or succumb to their own addictions. Either way works.

      • mike

        hey- you don’t conquer the universe without making a few flowers. wait… is that right?

  12. Ken O

    Yay! Cowboy Mummy rocks. Glad to see he’s back.

    • mike

      and just like that, he’s gone again.

  13. CaseyOrourke

    Pleas tell me Cleo isn’t, as they say out west, “Pushing Up Daisies.”

    • mike

      ya got a problem with daisies?!!

      • Barn0wl

        Heliotrope is prettier and smells great.

  14. bon

    I think those cats are just leading Cleo on! They knew all along what they wanted, this is just a roundabout motivational speech!

    • mike


  15. Dan

    A green guy, covered in bandages, whose actions cause a barren land to regain fertility? My Egyptian mythology senses are tingling.

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