Chap 2 Pg 44

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  1. Drewpy

    I’d definitely like a printed version of this chapter. I did enjoy seeing the cats but am looking forward to the shoot-em-ups.

    • mike

      thanks, drewpy! shoot-em-ups coming soon…

  2. marc

    Well, I’m still waiting for my copy of chapter one, but I guess I would buy the second one, too.

    As always: nice page!

    • mike

      marc, did you order a book and never get one? let me know!

      • marc

        Yes, I ordered chapter one about 4 weeks ago, but it is shipping to Germany. I ordererd books from the U.S. and Canada before and it can take anything between two and four weeks, so I am not actually worried right now. I will give it some more days and contact you by mail if it doesn’t show up until Friday. But thanks for your reply.

  3. Barn0wl

    ” … any more reports about your young galactic savior” … who has probably already taken off and is spreading the rumour throughout the school even as we speak!

  4. Barn0wl

    Oh, and yeah, chapter 2 is a must-have!

    • mike

      thanks, john!

  5. Zwiep

    Run, Cleo, run! Back to detention, quick! (Raised hand)

  6. LadyOtter

    aaannnd cue young galactic savior falling through roof!

    • mike

      i really wish i would have planned that! at least we now know these Yasiro Academy buildings were built pretty sturdy.

  7. Bieeanda

    *waves vigorously*

    Ooh! Ooh! Mistah Kottah, Mistah Kottah!

    • mike

      haha. :)

  8. bwodtata

    I will definitely have to pick up a copy of chapter 2 when you release it.

    • mike

      cool. thanks!

  9. lily

    I feel like it’s been months since cleo’s done anything badass! She’s been trapped up in that vent for way too long!

    • mike

      agreed! dang story narrative.

  10. Rags

    And now, the obscure organizations with fancy acronyms! I wonder if they’re involved with S.P.H.I.N.X. as well?

    Wait, galactic savior? As in saving the GALAXY?


    • mike

      it’s not that obscure. it’s been written in the “about” page before the strip even began. ;)

      and yeah. i kinda feel bad for the galaxy…

  11. HardWearJunkie

    What does P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. stand for anyway?

    • Rags

      Put Your Really annoying Moggie In Dander.

      *runs like the wind*

      • Rags

        I meant Danger (always one more typo…)

    • mike

      Pharaoh Yasiro’s Research And Military Initiative of Defense

  12. Matt Nelson

    Definitely would like a copy! I loved the first chapter that I got from you at ECCC!

    • mike

      cool. thanks, matt!

  13. Sim

    Yes. Print it! Print it all.

    • mike

      yes, sir! :)

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