Chap 2 Pg 45

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  1. ComixBookGurl

    Yay!!! Loving it!

    • mike

      thanks lisa!

  2. Barn0wl

    Pfaugh! Cleopatra! I expected better of you than to leave that access panel hanging open! You ALWAYS pull them closed behind you!

    • Barn0wl

      Then again, I guess she was being groomed more to be a queen and a warrior than a spy. Spying is tricky business …

      • mike

        she SHOULD know better! also, as you’ll find out, she was kinda in a hurry…

  3. Felix

    Does it really take a week to draw a single page or is this some publication tactics?

    • mike

      it takes me about 2 days to draw/color a page. the other 5 days of the week are spent making a living and not trying to be a total recluse from society.

  4. Zwiep

    My decision to… What? What??? Will we ever know?

    • mike

      eventually. i think you guys are smart enough to figure out how he was going to finish that statement though.

  5. Frank M Hansen

    Really like the way you paused in panel 3 and kept the reveal silent. Leaves you wondering and wanting to know more. Nice work.

    • mike

      thanks, frank!

  6. anthony

    I’m good to preorder!! Tell me when :)

    • mike

      it’ll be sometime in June. i’ll be sure to let everyone know. thanks so much, anthony! :)

  7. bon

    I kinda had a giggle at panel 4 – I mean, I knew it wasn’t a laser dot, and I knew even if it was, Khensu’s not the kind to chase it, but still, giggles ensued.

    Ooh, and if the pre-order ends after 10th of June, I am in. Woo!

    • mike

      haha. you have to think that the same reason a lazer dot would catch his eye is the same reason the bead did though. ;)

      and pre-orders will be sometime in June!

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