Chap 2 Pg 48

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  1. Matt

    How many pages are left in Chapter 2? It looks loike we have almost gone full circle.

    • mike

      only two more. your full circle observation is correct. :)

  2. thecheckeredman

    Ahhhh! I love this comic! This is great storytelling Mike! I would have never seen this all coming full circle! Genius!

    • mike

      awe thanks, denver!

  3. Thermo

    Buying the 2nd edition will be my first comic purchase in about 10+ years. Thanks for getting me back on the wagon Mike.

    • mike

      whoa. i’m humbled! and happy to hear you’re back on the wagon. :)

  4. Aaron Haynes
    Aaron Haynes

    I love the way the jump back in time has paid off. It sort of reframes how I look at everything in the first issue and the start of the second – originally it seemed like a light-hearted romp, but now we get to see how it started and what was on the line. As a story introduction this was really well done, you got to launch right into the action and then give us the necessary history that makes us take a second look at the action.

    P.S. it was great fun to chat with you at HeroesCon!

    • mike

      great chatting with you to, aaron! and so glad you like where this story has gone. i couldn’t wait to get here. it was little risky switching gears to a (slightly) more serious tone, but i think all the fun actiony romp stuff will benefit from it. chapter 3 is action packed though!

  5. Frank M Hansen

    Not sure how you do it. The professional quality in the art and writing of CIS help lift all whole industry of web comics and help prove its legitimacy.

    • mike

      shucks frank. you contribute to that legitimacy you know!

  6. Zan

    Hi Mike! (first time posting here)- Love this comic! Last year at Comic Con I bought chapter 1 & a print which is hanging up in my living room now. Will you be at Comic Con next month? (with copies of Chapter 2? please?) ^_^

    • mike

      i will! and with plenty of chapter 2s. see you there, zan!

  7. Zwiep

    1st century earth? Didn’t she live before that? Or was it a generalization?

    • mike

      1st century BC earth. :)

  8. Animaniac

    More importantly, that line is confirmation that it’s THE Cleopatra, and not a similarly named young heroine

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