Guest comic by Dani Jones!

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  1. Keath

    This is such incredible idea and execution! Might as well close the contest – Dani clearly wins the internets today.

  2. ChristineA

    lol!! Yes, yes she does. :D

  3. Ed Siemieknowicz

    You and Dani get a great big AWWWW! I love this, and she did a great job on you and lil Mr. Prime.

  4. DanialArin

    You know, if Cleo’s that bored maybe she could come over and babysit. :-P

    • mike

      Hah! Would YOU trust Cleo to babysit? :)

      • Barn0wl

        Definitely NOT baby-sitter material … LOL

      • DanialArin

        Point taken, though actually I’d trust Khensu to babysit… Still, better Cleo than, say, Conan the Barbarian, who used to stand over Robert Howard’s shoulder, tapping his foot and making unhappy-barbarian sounds if the writing was going too slowly.

        I was thinking of it more of an excuse to maintain the social connection. It’s apparently all too easy to lose touch with friends who aren’t parents yet when you’ve got a small child in the house.

  5. Barn0wl

    Epic win for Dani!!! (Love MStF too … ) Thanks Dani and thanks Mike for getting her in here. :D

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