Chap 3 Pgs 2 & 3

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  1. bon

    Oh Cleo, now you’ve done it!

    No wait, that didn’t come out right..

    Woo Cleo, way to do it!

  2. Harry

    Dang! This spread is gorgeous! Tentacled master(?) villain FOR THE WIN!

    • mike

      thanks, harry!

  3. LazerWulf

    I don’t know who this knew guy is, but for some reason, I hear him speaking with the voice of Kevin Michael Richardson.

    • mike

      your imagination serves you well.

  4. Chris

    Now I want to see all you pages as spreads. Not necessarily as full page spreads, but I feel like 4 & 5 should be on the next page turn.

    • mike

      nah, that would defeat the importance of this spread! i think there will be others though.

  5. Zwiep

    Dun dun dunnnnnn…
    Something big and horrible is about to happen, I just know it.
    Translation: NEW ADVENTURE YAY!!!!!

    • mike

      bad = good. :)

  6. solar

    And so we meet Octo the all-mighty, ruler of the xerx.

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