Chap 3 Pg 5

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  1. Barn0wl

    Oooo. Very mysterious indeed! But, I want to get a hold of one of those “med lights”. Fix my shingles up in seconds instead of weeks. :(

  2. Mike M

    Isn’t The Doctor going to miss his sonic screwdriver? Heh.
    Glad to see the comic back up!

  3. Zwiep

    OoOoh creepy tall disappearing dude! With an ankh and a… a… suction-cup-on-a-stick? Personal satellite dish? Futuristic lazer-beam-ejecting spear? Broken metal detector? Industrial-grade vacuum? I have no idea.
    Ps I agree with the two above me =]

  4. bill930505

    I think that was a servant from Cleo’s past. Before she got into this space mess-up!

  5. CyberSkull

    I want one of those healers!

  6. C.W. Roden
    C.W. Roden

    Oh shit was that Osiris coming to take her to the afterlife?

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