Chap 3 Pg 7

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  1. Keath

    Shilling for the man, huh? Looks like I can now begin telling everyone how “I was totally into Maihack before he sold out …” :D

    • mike

      Haha. Actually NOT shilling! Since I just gave a certain breakfast bar conglomerate some free advertising. :P

  2. Squish

    Hey mike, finally caught up on your comic. lovin it!

  3. Jonny Jimison

    “Here, have a power bar.” Hilarious! =D

  4. hushed

    i want a power bar! what kind of powers does it give? i’ll have strawberry super strength please! hehe

  5. Trisscar

    How about blueberry BLAST?

  6. Elihion

    Hi Mike,

    Can’t tell you how good it is to see new Cleo’s up.
    Keep on with the good stuff matey.


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