Chap 3 Pg 9

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  1. spas

    glad you’re not cat-ist! where i’ve been living the local version of the Humane Society or what-have-you is so badly underfunded that the stray cats are a serious danger to public health. totally out of control. i previously felt a strong difference from one cat to another, but in the cat-holocaust (dead cats all over – gross!) they really are all one and the same.

  2. Rich

    Still loving your pallet Mike! I look forward to seeing Cleo in disguise!

  3. bill 930505
    bill 930505

    When she brought up the hat, it got me thinking of Indiana Jones and Clint Eastwood at the moment.

  4. Alena

    Will he get out of his space-suit now? Will Cleo be redressed as a cowboy??? In any case, can’t wait for the next page =]

  5. Julian

    With that hat, I bet she could pass for Indiana Jones.

  6. J S
    J S

    I suppose she might just stand out in the gold headwear and skin tight space suit.

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