Chap 3 Pg 10

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  1. comixbookgurl

    You look amazing! ;)

  2. CJ

    Hey yeah banner and story collide in a cascade of awesome :D

  3. mucat

    Cool outfit and all…but you look like Cleo, wearing a cowboy hat.

    Our girl is clearly a disciple of the Clark Kent School of Disguise…

    • mike

      Haha. Can’t wait for you to read next week’s page. ;)

  4. bill930505

    Like the Clint Eastwood of Egypt. :)

  5. bill930505

    But wait, you forgot one detail, Mr. Maihack. There was supposed to be a small bird that would be embedded to her hat. Notice the banner, Mr. Maihack. Birdy’s there, and on this page, birdy’s gone. Be sure to think of a way to solve this problem in the next page :( .

    • bill930505

      And the gun, never forget the gun.

      • mike

        I think the bird looks great in promo images, but Cleo would never take apart her crown, even for the sake of fashion. It means to much to her. Someday I’ll share the story of where it came from. :)

        • solar

          She’ll just have to have another bird made specifically for the hat.

  6. Mitchell Craig

    Yee, and indeed, haw.

  7. Dannysmartful

    She’s a chameleon~!

  8. Animaniac

    They Kitty welding mask is adorable

  9. Stewart

    Just hopped over from Ellie on Planet X–amazing stuff here! I’ll be keping up for certain.

  10. Kedamono

    Love the “disguise”, but now I think that pose needs to be a pinup or a vote incentive.

    • mike

      Vote incentive?

      • solar

        Some comics provide images for voting for them on those webcomic promo sites.

  11. Rich

    ‘The Good, The Bad, And The Beautiful’! Nice entry Mike!

  12. Alena

    Like, dude.


  13. bon

    So, have cats developed opposable thumbs, or is it some sort of prostethics or cybernetic suit?

    Cause I’ve been led to believe, when cats evolve opposable thumbs, humanity is doomed. Of course it figures as well, if they keep the same arrangement as today, where they’re the leaders and we their humble servants..

    • mike

      No opposable thumbs. Just cartoon cats. ;)

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