Chap 3 Pg 13

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  1. Richard Holmes
    Richard Holmes

    Nice! But… panel 3, “disappointing” is misspelled.

    • mike

      Thanks! I must have missed that from having it hyphenated. Fixed now.

  2. Scott

    So, did the raygun do anything to the rock?
    Perhaps it only affects organic matter?

    • mike

      It did nothing. Prob only affects organic matter like you said. Or smaller closer rocks.

      • Hoomi

        Would the vapors coming from the rock indicate perhaps a heating of the mass? While a large rock may not be adversely affected by dissipating a given amount of energy into it, a smaller mass (such as a body) would suffer worse effects from the same amount of energy. She might have seen more impressive results if she’d chosen a smaller target for testing the raygun.

        • someone

          She should have aimed at the narrow part of the rock. With less room for the heat to propagate (assuming that rock has better thermal conductivity than air), the energy would have been less dispersed and the rock would have been heated more, maybe to the point of melting or fracturing. The large mass of the rock above would have helped amplify the effect of any damage to the integrity of the structure at that narrow point, increasing the chance of obtaining spectacular effects.

          • mike

            I love the way you guys are analyzing this. :)

  3. Keath

    Moar rokk shooting!!1!

  4. Dannysmartful

    If you zoom in really really close there is now a dead bug on the side of the rock XD (jk) Love the comic, keep up the good work!

    • mike

      Hah! She’s got good aim. ;)

  5. Clay

    “Womp womp waaa….” I’m sure that went thru Cleo’s head…. :D

  6. Renee

    I love Cleo’s facial expressions in the third and fifth panels. Priceless.

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