Chap 3 Pgs 14 & 15

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  1. Richard Holmes
    Richard Holmes

    So I corrected your spelling last week, and now I have to criticize again. Sorry! But you’ve gone and hit one of my sore spots. Look, I know CiS isn’t supposed to be studiously accurate hard SF, nor are you aiming for photorealism. Still, I look at these pages and about the first thing I see, and I keep seeing, is the wrong shapes of those crescent moons. A spherical moon illuminated to the side by a sun would never have a shape anywhere close to that. In fact what it looks more like is a solar eclipse: a large (angularly large) sun being partially covered by a small (angularly small) moon. Only you’ve got two such eclipses going on, and aside from the unlikelihood of a planet in a stable orbit in a system with two stars as close together as that, it’d also be unlikely that such a planet would have two moons just happening to the be right distance and size to make two eclipses like those, times the unlikelihood of both moons eclipsing at the same time. No, I think what you meant was two crescent moons, but then, like I said, the shape is wrong. The terminator — the line between the illuminated and non-illuminated parts — should be elliptical, not circular, and should intersect the outer edge of the moon at two points opposite each other, the endpoints of a diameter.

    And yes, I know you’re by far the first artist to draw crescent moons this way. Just because lots of other artists do it doesn’t make it good, though. Especially since it isn’t hard to do it right.

    If I cover up the moons and look at the rest of the page, I like it! But the moons really distract me.

    • mike

      Nah- you’re right. Richard. I redid those moons so hopefully they are less bothersome now.

      I do hope readers realize that this comic is far more influenced by Looney Toons than any sort of scientific research though. I do my best to make sure the logisctics of CiS make a little sense–at least for this world–but at the end of the day, it’s still a cartoon.

      • bon

        Something in your answer really distracted me.. I think that it might be the suggestion that Looney toons are not rooted in reality..

        wink wink nudge nudge just a joke just a joke *insert smiley face with tongue poking out here*

    • Stewart

      This is actually really interesting to me.

      Do you have any suggested links for hypothetically realistic artist impressions of multiple moon/sun systems as viewed from the planet?

  2. Lee Cherolis

    I dig it man! Beautiful!

    In my book, I weight design and visual impact a bit heavier than technical accuracy. Because I’m a designer and like pretty things.
    I definitely make a point to stay on the casual side with my comic as well. I’m in it for fun visuals and a fun story. But I do notice that readers tend to skew in favor if writing and technical details.

    For me, in the end, it is still a cartoon. :)

  3. Keath

    I like the turtles

  4. Zwiep

    I agree with Keath. Cool turtles =]

  5. Dannysmartful

    Spiney TURTLE SHELL!!!! Easter Egg XD

  6. Elihion

    Despite th nay-sayer at the top of the comments, I think this would make an excellent wall-paper.



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