I will be at Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend, September 8th-9th at the Baltimore Convention Center. Once again I’ll be sharing space with some of the best kid and all-ages comic¬†creators¬†in the business at the Kids Love Comics pavilion- Booth 2403. Map and info below.

Along with Heroes Con, BCC is one of the best kid-friendly shows on the east coast and there’s going to be a lot of events and¬†activities¬†going on. So if you have children, make sure to bring them by. My¬†attendance¬†was something of a last minute thing, but hopefully I can squeeze in some sort of activity or¬†demonstration¬†as well. Maybe show the kids how to draw space cats or sumthin. At any rate, should be a fun time and I look¬†forward¬†to seeings some of you there!

Also, don’t hurt me, but since BCC is this weekend, I’m going to take just one more week off of CiS. But I promise it will return the following monday, Sept 17th, with¬†regular¬†updates.