Chap 3 Pg 19

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  1. James Anderson

    Just fantastic. Wow!

  2. Keath

    Ah, I see someone caught the Best of the 80’s: Duran Duran classic video special this past weekend! :D

  3. Lee Cherolis

    STUNNING. I love this page so much. Wouldn’t it be awesome as a fold-out in the print version of Cleo? An extra tall fold up? :D

  4. Rich

    Love the colors on this one! Great page Mike!!

  5. Vii

    :O Impressive. I love it.

  6. Elihion

    Love the page… also (and this is totally intended as a compliment)
    it reminds me a lot of the cities in Samurai Jack. But in much nicer colors.



  7. chris

    It looks like you had fun with this! Nice one!

  8. Joe

    Very nice page. The color palette reminds me a little of Watchmen.

  9. jonquil

    Certainly makes up for the dreariness of the planet!

  10. Mina

    Aye, agreed, great as always.

    Just noticed something about the name, though— Is “Hykosis City” supposed to be a reference to the historical Hyksos?

  11. Bob

    Yowza! That’d make a helluva poster… (hint, hint)

  12. Zwiep


  13. Allthethyme

    PLEASE tell me this will be available as a print. This is lovely!

  14. Yeil

    Is that Cola advertising?

  15. Elihion

    Cleo? Where you hiding at, girl?

    Come out where ever you are!


  16. Trisscar

    Yeah, what’s going on that the entire site is being ignored for a month?

  17. bon

    I don’t wanna be that annoying guy that spams for new comics either, but just in case Mike’s beginning to think we don’t care..

  18. XMinusOne

    Two months and no updates. Reading his Tweets it appears that he’s working on other projects right now.

  19. mike

    Hey guys! Just in case you missed the blog entry last month, I explained the lack of updates here:

  20. Dannysmartful

    How about setting up a donation bar/link? Set it at something like $250 and when that amount is reached you post a Cleo page? A couple web comics I follow do that and it actually works very well. Mainly because the writer of those comics is not the artist and he needs to pay the artist to produce his work… It’s like readers paying you for a commission page that benefits everyone. :D Please do it~!

  21. Rachael

    aka, futuristic tokyo

  22. Ice Raven
    Ice Raven

    Cool art!

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