It’s been over a month since the last comic update, so I bet a lot of you are wondering what’s going on–and when is CiS coming back? Well, the short of it is I’ve simply lost time to work on this webcomic.

As some of you may know, I started working on a graphic novel a few months ago, and that pretty much takes up my Monday through Friday. Saturday is family day. And Sunday is just me and Oliver day. Any extra time I have in between all that is spent on various freelance or whatever else the wind blows (or sometimes gusts) my way. I used to have a lot of freedom during the week to juggle all my various jobs and a webcomic, but now with a whole new person living in the house that time just isn’t there anymore. And honestly, the last thing I feel like doing after drawing comics all day is draw more comics. Don’t get me wrong, I love drawing comics. But after spending five days stuck in a chair, going to the park with my son is slightly more inviting at the end of the week.

But here’s the thing, I don’t want to give up on this comic completely. I had an entire beginning, middle, and end planned for this story and I’m SO CLOSE to that end. So instead of trying to update weekly, missing those updates, and then you having to read this story in gaps, I’ve decided to simply work on the webcomic whenever I can. Once it’s all done, then I’ll start updating the comic again–either weekly, bi-weekly or maybe even every day. I have no idea how long that’s going to take, but am going to do my best to finish it. And hopefully, a few of you will still want to read it.

So that’s that. Sorry that it’s not the news a lot of you probably wanted to hear. Life is what it is and I’m just trying to enjoy every bit of it.