As I mentioned in my last post, I will cease selling my two self-published Cleo books in June. Originally, I said I would not be ordering any more, but I had to do one last small reprint to cover book 1 orders due to me forgetting to close down my store while out of town (and selling out of stock while at MegaCon). For those who ordered one while I was away, they are at the printer right now.

But that’s it! I won’t be printing any more. So I’ve started keeping a stock in the store so everyone is aware of how many I have left. Last week, I also started offering a limited number of my first-ever convention sketchbook, Operation Space Cat, online. Stock info for those is provided below as well. (stock updated 6-1-13)

Cleopatra in Space #1: 0 left in stock
Cleopatra in Space #2: 0 left in stock
Operation Space Cat, vol 1: left in online stock

I also answered a bunch of your questions in the comment section of the other week’s post about the Scholastic deal. So if you asked one, make sure to check back! :)