As always, had an absolute blast at Baltimore Comic-Con! Great seeing old friends and fans again, making new ones, and hanging out with some of my best pals in the world. Was wonderful meeting my editor for the first time as well! Couldn’t be happier being at Scholastic. The place is chock full of awesome people who love comics. Cleo is in good hands! Speaking of which, I had so much fun teaching the kids how to draw her, Supergirl, and a weird giraffe cat (don’t ask). Thanks so much to the Kids Love Comics folks for having me there again. Sign me up for next year!


Only thing I regret, as usual, was not walking away from my table until late Sun afternoon. I’m definitely going to need to rectify that next year since I missed out on talking to a great number of people I know and respect. And boy oh boy did I miss my wife and kid. Can’t wait to go pick them up from the airport in a few hours. Only partially so I can finally sit down with Jen tonight and watch last Sunday’s Breaking Bad. ;)

Below are some of the sketches I scribbled for folks at the show. I’ve been informed the strange green extraterrestrial glow is my camera trying to white-balance on the blue which is considerably not as cool as a┬ástrange green extraterrestrial glow.