Alright everyone! I printed all your comments to this post, cut them up into strips (most of them three times), threw them all into a bucket, where they ended up on the floor, of which my 2.5 year old son playfully handed me five of (I forwent the crib idea once realizing that cleaning up a couple hundred slips of paper out of Oliver’s bedding was not going to be a fun thing to do).


Grand prize goes to…

Kahla C! She receives a signed hardcover edition of Target Practice, five signed CiS prints, and this original Cleo watercolor which I painted yesterday:


2nd place goes to…

J Kevin Carrier! He receives a signed paperback edition of Target Practice and five signed CiS prints!

and lastly, 3rd-5th place go to…

Brent Hill, ToonLegion, and Eric J Ehlers! They all win five signed CiS prints!

If any of those names belong to you COME ON DOWN! email me with your home addresses so I can mail you your prizes! Also, let me know if you want me to personalize any of the stuff you won.

I loved reading your comments and thank you so much for all the shares. Sorry to those who didn’t win, but hey, we all still had fun right? And you can still preorder the book (which I really hope you do if you’ve haven’t already). Cleopatra in Space #1: Target Practice is on sale this Tuesday (4/29) and I’ve actually heard/seen from a few people that the book is already available at a few places!

Barnes & Noble
Indie Bound
Powell’s Books
Diamond (code: FEB141308)