Baltimore Comic-Con is this weekend (for the first time 3 days, Fri-Sun), and I’ll once again be sitting with all the awesome folks at the Kids Love Comics pavilion. Mark Mariano has put together this excellent guide to everything you need to know about where that is, what is going on there, and who else will be there. Definitely check it out. Here’s my part:

Friday 5pm
Drawing Heroic Females and Felines with Mike Maihack
Mike Maihack is the amazing author/artist of the graphic novel, Cleopatra in Space: Target Practice, from Scholastic/Graphix. In this workshop, Mike will share his technique for drawing heroines like Cleopatra, Supergirl, and Batgirl. He’ll also be drawing cats, and who doesn’t love cats?!

Fun stuff! I’ll also have Cleo books on hand, prints (including my latest Batgirl/Supergirl comic), and I’ll be doing some watercolor sketching again. Can’t wait!